Blicke (Sights)
Photowork   2012




The exhibition „Blicke, Begleiter“ presents the film „Begleiter“ (2010, 10min.) within the context of an installation and in connection with the photowork "Blicke" (Sights). In the photographs, public media images of women from the fields of architecture, film and fashion are restaged in domestic sceneries. The diverse conceptions of women throughout different decades are correlated.

The exhibition persues a precise dramaturgy of the view, that doubles the sight-relationships within the photographs.

In the part of the installation that faces the window, and which was developed especially for this particular site, Michaela Schweiger modifies the renowned image of the french architect and designer Charlotte Perriand resting on the famous "lLe Corbusier Lounge Chair". The photograph was taken from inbetween two mirrors facing each other diagonally. Thus Perriand, who designed the classic piece of modern times furniture in 1928 together with Le Corbusier, now looks at herself and this way recaps her own image which is shaped from external sources.

Due to the vertical blinds structure of the window, the photograph appears fragmented for the eye of the beholder.