Like a star that orbits a planet the camera circuits a modernistic setup. Accompanied by a narrative voice it strides diverse rooms. The characters, women from the post-war time and from the generation of their daughters, recover themselves in comparable situations and still they try to make their own ways in life.

The literary and cinematic images were developed on the basis of interviews with inhabitants of the "Unité d'Habitation Typ Berlin" which was built in 1958.

Women and family took a prominent place in the considerations of planning in the post-war modernity. The scenical images of the film 'Begleiter' are inspired by medial female images of different times, which were communicated through writings and film. The women in the images elude those assignments repeatedly by means of smaller and larger gestures. Out of trivial life episodes develop quasi surreal scenes, which point to small escapes, actual liberties and utopias.

The exemplary figures in their model apartments are accompanied by apparently documentary insights into the production of the images. These insights are forming an opposition to the constructedness of the scenic images while simultaneously they emphasize the focused planning of our imagery.

XDCAM HD / Pro 35
10 Minutes