Trabanten (Satellites)
Experimental Film and Installation  2014




The film „satellites“ shows fragmentary cut-outs of the life stories and habitats of women of two generations in the mirror of the intermediation of contemporary history and propagated (women-) images. Mental starting point and turning place is the "Unité d' Habitation" Type Berlin, which was finished in 1958 as a trend-setting building project. Moves through empty flats and corridors and short feature scenes, which were developed on the basis of interviews with inhabitants, tell about women from different generations, their memories, estimates and times.

The protagonists start from the standardised dwellings into unsecured areas. For about 50 years three main figures are pursued, who struggle with their disruption between the normative requirements from the outside, their personal conception of the world and their sometimes contradictory desires and actions. Allegoric pictures of dissolutions, ambivalences, emancipations and backlashs of postwar decades pass by in the scenery of the modernistic building.

The film „satellites“ is created as a continuous tracking shot through the housing union. Thus the impression develops that the camera moves through the walls across the house. The single pictures - views of the areas and of the lives of different women - are short and like a cut-out, similar to a view into the window of a neighbour.