a mapmaker`s dream

Fra Mauro, a monk who spent almost his whole life behind a monastery wall pursued to create a map of the world – his mappa mundi. Merchants, missionaries and adventurers were seeing him in his silent cell after their journeys to provide their information.
I compare the picture of a monk living in the 16th century with the situation of sitting at your computer at home and get in touch with the world. I myself take the place of the monk. I try to receive information from all over the world by chatting and conversations in virtual cities. 
A small wooden room will be created for the installation. There will be the projection of a globe on the walls, the ceilings and the floor. Starting from this outline minting the vision of the world, all travelled countries will be laid out coloured. An analogue world picture in the form of drawings will be evolved by using the information I obtained by conversations in the digital world.    
All the not „entered“ areas remain as white spots. The explorations base on the collection of personal experiences and evaluations. The resulting world picture gets a new point of view by each new contact. Consequently it is subject to change consecutively. Changes of information or errors of the card maker will be viewable in the installation.      
There is a computer in the cell containing an archive of all conversations. On one hand the archive is ordered in conversation immanent criteria. On the other hand it is based on geographical, social and cultural assignments. At the same time this kind of order is a statistical figure that will be updated on every occasion. It is obvious that in these conversations and their conversion into a world picture the elsewhere will be a mirror in the negative sense. I as a traveller recognize the familiar determining my point of view.     
A few adapted chats will exemplarily be seen on a video monitor. Actors will repeat dialogues originating from conversations in the virtual world. The locations are mostly public places. Thus dialogues from the virtual world will be transferred to the analogue world. These visionalizations and personalisations show changes of communication forms by digital media.
The videos cause a shift of context arousing questions on the converse and significance of origin, sex, age and identity on the internet and in the real world. The videos are like spots on experiences of my communication in the virtual world. “A mapmakers dream“ is a project without defined ending. This project which has started in 2000 will be steadily continued. You can see the actual state of affairs at different exhibition places.

"a mapmaker`s dream"