a mapmaker` s dream
Mixed-Media-Installation     2000




Fra Mauro, a monk who spent almost his whole life behind a monastery wall pursued to create a map of the world – his mappa mundi. Merchants, missionaries and adventurers were seeing him in his silent cell after their journeys to provide their information.I compare the picture of a monk living in the 16th century with the situation of sitting at your computer at home and get in touch with the world. I myself take the place of the monk. I try to receive information from all over the world by chatting and conversations in virtual cities. 
A small wooden room will be created for the installation. There will be the projection of a globe on the walls, the ceilings and the floor.   
A few adapted chats will exemplarily be seen on a video monitor. Actors will repeat dialogues originating from conversations in the virtual world. The locations are mostly public places. Thus dialogues from the virtual world will be transferred to the analogue world.