Yet fiction prevails over reality, yet there is blood and mysteries, yet I have the feeling of being in a Walt Disney film, but in a film with Humphrey Bogart that is to say in a political one

The installation avails the form of a panorama as possibility to simulate and represent the urban space. Three different animations each shown on a video monitor will be related to the plot of a designed city panorama winded up on wood. The city panorama shows collage-like composed urban places used by diverse social and cultural groups. In contradiction to historical city panoramas centring representative places of “power”, the panorama of the installation shows places having everyday life function. This plotted drawing refers to the idealized display of future cities especially used by illustrators of the Walt Disney Company in the 60s. The places of these animations are zoomed out of this panorama and show persons of different cultural and social background.
The episodes originating from conversations to persons make different connotations of urban places a subject of discussion. The dialogues of the designed videos correspond and constitute a linear narration. The pictures of each video tell each time a different story. The dialogues are taken from the chat communication of a virtual town and transferred to “analogue” urban situations. The computer constructed microcosm of the 3D town seems to be an exemplary controlling society. The conversations focus on the relation of public and private space within the virtual urban society. A special point of interest deals with the significance of copyrights and the meaning of talking as the dominating action within the digital space. The shift of text and picture results in subtle breakings asking for the analogy and difference of virtual and analogue spaces and at the same time exploring playfully the development of „analogue“ city places.