mind the gap

Michaela Schweiger deals with link and representation systems in electronic media in her latest workings. Her inquiry of these systems focuses on their contribution to the production of “reality”. She opposes the structure and the urban communication of a virtual 3D town existing on the internet to actual urban facts. The different workings function as correspondent chapters.The third chapter of these city stories – „mind the gap“  - explores the mixture of the facts of “real” mass medial and virtual places within the net communication. The point of interest focuses on the mixture of individual and social conditions of the computer users with rules and stagings dominating in the virtual city. 
Once you enter the exhibition room you face a facade setting. This abstract construction is leant on the facade models built in the public space for demonstration purposes. Their stereotype architecture represents a part of the city being neither assigned to a concrete city nor to a specific urban place. Texts and drawings being part of a storyboard are pasted to the facade. The rooms shown on the drawings represent typological rooms. Clothes and posture of the mapped persons act as codes as well as the rooms in which they move. These codes refer or seem to refer to the cultural and social belonging within the urban society.    
The videos of the installation show calm slow settings of urban rooms and at first sight seem to be examples of films settings similar to the facade scenery. On second glance of the story the different elements of the installation merge. The facade not only acts as setting and carrier of the storyboard but rather becomes part of the story while the videos become films within the fiction film. While the first two chapters of this work series aim at researching the systems of reality respectively virtual reality, the third chapter focuses on the parallelism of the construction of reality and fiction.

Ulrike Kremeier about the exhibition "mind the gap" in November 2002 at plattform Berlin.